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We believe we have the proven experience providing beef supply solutions to link retail, food service, and packers to
high-quality Montana cattle.

What We Do

We are a 25,000-head cattle feedyard located in Shepherd, MT. Capitalizing on access to quality cattle and grain, we are able to competitively feed out cattle to any beef specification right here in Montana. We pride ourselves in our protocols and abilities to meet both buyer and seller expectations. From backgrounding to finishing, we are at the forefront of feedyard management.



One of the first commercial feedyards built in Montana, we are updating and expanding our facilities to exceed beef industry expectations. We have opened our company up to research, training, and education to better our industry. Call for a tour!


We utilize the newest and most innovative technology solutions to maximize efficiency and animal care. These software systems track animals and feed throughout the feeding process to measure effectiveness and compliance. Our Electronic Identification ear tags for individual animals ensure traceability for high-quality beef programs. For management, producers, and buyers alike, transparency ensures only the highest standards for the animals, the people involved, and the beef product on the table. (Photo: Tello Vega, YCF Lead Cowboy, reviews health records with TEAM)



Operational Excellence starts with good protocols that can be measured and monitored. These protocols are developed by our experienced management TEAM and our consultants. Dr. Breck Hunsaker, DVM PhD (Veterinarian) and Dr. Chris Heddins, PhD (Nutritionist) physically visit the feedyard and meet with the respective TEAMs no less than once per month. Our protocols and reporting systems give us an agile ability to adapt or respond to challenges to maximize an animal's ability to reach the highest quality standards. These systems make for a great TEAM environment to be successful and to be recognized. (Photo: Bill Sleigh, YCF Feedlot Manager, reviews the Bunk Calling page to make adjustments)


Maintaining a family legacy requires us to be caretakers of this land and our animals. Working with environmental consultants, universities, and innovative companies, we have a vision for our lands, our people, and our livestock. It’s important to us to protect our environment and to improve it for the next generation to produce high-quality beef to feed our nation and our world. (Photo: Stovall kids picking out bulls)

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Beef Supply

We are located at the doorstep to the highest-quality cattle in the world. Connecting these cattle to national and local beef programs has been rewarding for buyers and sellers. Our contacts and relationships in the region can access any volume of cattle and manage them to be successful into any beef supply chain. We believe we have the proven experience providing beef supply solutions to link retail, food service, and packers to high-quality Montana cattle. (Photo: Hank Lee, Head Beef Merchandiser for Mayfull in Taiwan, and Turk Stovall. Standing in front of a dry age room in Taiwan filled with products that originated from MT ranches and finished at YCF.)

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