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Montana bred, Montana fed.

About Us

It’s our vision to advance the cattle feeding industry in Montana to give more options to Montana producers and to provide commercial cattle feeding services that can link national and local beef programs to the best cattle in the world.

Our Montana roots run deep with the founder of the company, Turk Stovall, the CEO and Managing Partner, whose family came to Montana in the 1860s, where they have been in continuous ranching and agriculture ever since. After Turk graduated from Montana State University, he left Montana to pursue further graduate work and had the opportunity to work for great companies such as Certified Angus Beef and North Platte Feeders, where he always said it was the best education in the world. Turk said he was fortunate to have many mentors along the way - but Jack McCaffery, who owned and managed North Platte Feeders, was the one who got him hooked on cattle feeding.

“Jack was one who said that details matter, from having a clean feedyard, getting cattle to perform, or how you work with a customer,” said Turk. Turk runs Stovall Ranches LLC with his wife, Jenny, and their three children - it consists of an Angus cow/calf stocker and farming operations.

In the spring of 2022, Turk had the opportunity to connect with longtime family friend Dan Weschenfelder at a local wrestling tournament, where they got to visiting about the feedlot and getting Dan retired. Consequently, Yellowstone Cattle Feeders LLC was started in September 2022.

A friendship with Tim Sheehy and Greg Putnam, who own and manage Little Belt Cattle Company, led into a partnership in Yellowstone Cattle Feeders. Tim and Greg, both Navy SEALs, have been growing their beef operations in the state and share the same vision of bringing more cattle feeding opportunities to Montana to benefit Montana producers. Turk, Tim, and Greg are focused on operational excellence and innovational leadership to make a great company to serve Montanans and the beef industry. We are excited for the future. (Photo: Greg Putnam, Turk Stovall and Tim Sheehy after a branding at Little Belt Ranch)

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Core Values

Integrity • Relationships • Community • TEAM • Innovational Leadership • Animal Care • Environment


Sustainable Innovative cattle feeding company that empowers excellence for a better tomorrow.


Create cattle feeding opportunities through relationships, innovational leadership and operational excellence.


Our purpose is to bring the benefits of commercial cattle feeding to the region by providing professional services while linking Montana cattle to high quality markets.



Coming Soon

If you’re interested in accessing locally produced beef, we can help.

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