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We take our commitment to you, and your cattle, seriously.

Our Culture

Our culture is developing. We have been building an amazing TEAM and establishing systems and processes that benefit people and the cattle. Innovational leadership is a unique process used to help develop our TEAM members and the process to best achieve operational and personal excellence. The feedlot has a lot of history and we have been implementing updates to serve today's and tomorrow's markets.

Technology is important, as we have installed a feedlot-wide internet network for cattle and feed management since all cattle are required to have EIDs. A phased waterline and water tank upgrade project has started utilizing local contractors to work with our livestock and feeding teams to do rebuilds timely.

Cattle feeding is about consistency, and with all our improvements the cattle still come first. We feed multiple times a day depending on the cattle type and their performance protocols. Laird feed mixer trucks with a batch box have created an efficient feeding system. Utilizing Animal Health International – Animal Management Studio software for feed management and individual animal management creates accurate and timely reporting for management and customers. Montana is a cow/calf state, so we take pride in being very good at starting and weaning calves. Feedlot Health Management Services manages our veterinary protocols utilizing its software program that individually manages animals. Our livestock team is trained to conduct our own digital necropsies, so we know how to adapt to health challenges timely and effectively.

We enjoy sharing our story and knowledge with our community and our industry. It is our quest to be a great place to work and to be Montana’s best commercial custom feedlot. Please call us for a tour, a job, or to find out how we can help your beef industry needs. (Photo: Montana State University Beef Management Class)

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Business Opportunities

Relationships are important. A win-win relationship is even more important. We have working relationships that have been in place and successful for generations. If it is cattle or feed or just business, we work hard to make sure you are successful because we want to cultivate long-term working relationships. We have a passion for creating relationship opportunities in the beef supply chain and an obsession with being very good at managing beef cattle to be its best. Working with national and local processors, branded beef programs, USDA Process Verified Programs, Grass Programs, Breeding Programs, Ranch and Farm Direct Programs, or Wagyu Programs, we take pride in helping you be successful. 


(Photo: YCF proudly feeds the largest Montana steer feed-out contest that supplies MT restaurants and rewards MT producers! More than 80 Montana ranches participated to benefit scholarships, conservation, and leadership through the MT Stockgrowers Foundation “Cattle Drive.” Ask to be involved as a sponsor or a producer!)


Our goal is to be a leader in Montana cattle feeding with an innovative nutrient plan that benefits the cattle we feed and communities we serve. Sustainability is being economical and efficient with a process that is regenerative to its people and natural resources. We have been in Montana production agriculture since the 1860s and the 6th generation is growing up to continue this Montana legacy.


Our long-term approach combines firsthand knowledge with a constant quest to be better through education and professional experts in the field.

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